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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Why do you Pray?

So in my prayer time lately, I have been wondering about something...."Why do I pray?" Is it because of how it makes me feel better about life or certain situations or is it because I simply want to come and be still with the one I love, Jesus.

Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy to pray. I am geeky enough to consider it one of my main hobbies, and am totally A-okay with that. But I have found myself thinking, do we pray because of how it makes us "feel" or because we just want to "be" with God??? Feeling refreshed, enegerized, happy, and joyful in prayer are nice blessings, but they certainly are not always there. Sometimes you go to prayer, and it is bone dry empty; you feel nothing and have a sense of distance from the Lord. But of course, our faith the and the lives of many saints in the Church that the good "feelings" associated with prayer are not always a given. Look at the example of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta. She deeply loved Jesus, but suffered almost 40 years of intense spiritual darkness, where she felt distant and far away from Him.
I only mention this because it has been on my mind during my prayer lately, and I think it is something the majority of people could relate to. So spend some time and reflect..."why do you pray?"

Oh and St. Francis of Assisi pray for all of us too! (today is his feast day in the Church....yay saints!!!)

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